CWP aims at providing the best possible experience to both sys.admins, as well as end users who need an interface to interact with the server.

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Support Services give you access to support tickets which will allow our support team to assist you in any CWP or server related issues.CWP uses the most convenient services on CentOS servers so any experienced system administrator should now know how to manage them.

Server Security Configuration
Server Performance Configuration
Third Party Apps Installation
Real-Time Server Monitoring

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If you have any additional questions before ordering feel free to get in touch and know that With the Enterprise support you can do you work and forget about the server management.

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Support options that you get when using CWP, because we are here to assist.

One time Support
Making it Easy

We understand the challenges that come with managing a server effectively, especially when using a tool such as CWP. That is why we are commuted to providing support services when needed via one-time support.

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Managed Support
Monthly Guarantee

We understand that continuous monitoring and updates can be a pain to take care of, especially when you have multiple servers and many things that need to be handled. That’s is why Managed support is the best option for you.

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Business Support
Next Frontier

Because mission-critical infrastructure requires the best monitoring, with Business support, we provide 24/7 monitoring via Nagios at no additional cost, while providing a continuous system and security Updates giving you peace of mind.

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Enterprise Support
Autopilot Mode

With Enterprise Support, you are left with peace of mind, because everything is being taken care of easily. With the built-in AI-powered error reporting in the system which helps fix server related issues, We monitor your server with Nagios, while also taking care of any issues relating to your server.

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Support Services

If you need Linux System Admin Support, you can check for the services listed below.

Pay Per Ticket – Multi-Server Support Plan

Pay Per Ticket – Support Plan: minimum requirement of 10 tickets monthly.

MultiServer – Managed Support

CWPpro + MultiServer Managed Support provided by CWP Developers (monthly)

Min: 10 servers

Yes, simply order the Enterprise support plan and you can rest while we manage your CWP server.

All support plans come with a CWPpro license included. So no need to worry.

You need a support plan if you have little experience managing and setting up servers, if you need to setup a billing system like whmcs or blesta, or if you need some custom software installed on your server and if you have some issue.

Yes, for being our client we give you the best rate you can get for a system admin to have a look at your server and setup things for you.