CWP aims at providing the best possible experience to both sys.admins, as well as end users who need an interface to interact with the server.

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Current Versions: CWP6: (EOL) / CWP7:
CWP for CentOS 7 is recommended version.
CWP7+ compatible with CentOS Linux 8, CentOS Stream, Alma Linux , Rocky Linux and Oracle Linux


CentOS 7 / 8

Admin Panel

– Improvements in the account migration process
– New fields were added to the responses of some endpoints of the APIs

User Panel

– Fix 2fA
– Fix in login form language

Admin Panel

– Important fixes in the CWP-CWP migration module.

User Panel

Admin Panel

User Panel

– Important security fixes

Admin Panel

– New PHP Versions
– Improvements in the Features module

User Panel

– Fixes in the side menu and dashboard

What’s New?

Best Features

– New File Manager Multi Language [+ info]
– CWP-Secure Kernel [+ info]
– CWP for CentOS 8 [+ info]
– Advanced IP manger for private / public IP’s
– CWP User Panel: Dark Template [+ info]
– CWP User Panel: Email Filters [+ info]
– CWP Admin: MailServer Stats [+ info]
– CWP SysStats SAR [+ info]
– CWP Security Center: Mod Security Reports + Malware Scan + PHP Defender [+ info]
– User Panel: Antivirus Scan / ClamAV [+ info]
– CWP Admin: NodeJS Manager [+ info]
– Streaming Manager: Shoutcast + Icecast + AutoDJ


Important security patches

By Ömer Faruk Öztürk: veomer.com
By Octagon Networks: octagon.net

Coming Soon

The Future of CWP

– CWP compatible with CentOS 9, AlmaLinux 9 and RockyLinux 9
– cPanel DNS Cluster Ingration
– Cluster CWP (Multi-Server Manager)
– Multi-Language and Multi-Template support for the CWP Admin panel