CWP aims at providing the best possible experience to both sys.admins, as well as end users who need an interface to interact with the server.

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Services Monitor

Website Services Monitor.

Service Monitoring is almost a real-time observation and alerting about health conditions (characteristics that indicate success or failure) in an IT environment.

It helps to ensure that deployed services are operational, maintained, and 100% online with yours service level agreement (SLA).

We check all your server services within 1 to 5 minutes, if any of the services is down, we inform you through email.

5 Port Monitoring Service [MINI] for only $1.00 /monthly.
10 Port Monitoring Service [MIDI] for only $2.00 /monthly.
15 Port Monitoring Service [ADVANCED] for only $3.00 /monthly.
RBL Monitoring, daily check of your server IPs on more than a 40 mostly used Mailing Black-Lists.

Mostly Monitored ports are:
21 – FTP
22 – SSH
25 – Email Server
80 – Apache web server
443 – Apache web server SSL
110 – POP3
143 – IMAP
3306 – MySQL
2030 – CWP Admin
2031 – CWP Admin SSL

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