Nextcloud host your own files

Nextcloud is the cloud storage and sync application and a good alternative to one drive and dropbox. Nextcloud will help you Access your Data  and you can store your files, contacts, calendars and more on a server of your choosing. Being free and open-source software, anyone is allowed to install and operate it on their own private server devices. In CWP you can install it from script section and ready to use it in few clicks for free.

Nextcloud also have multi OS client from which you can Sync your Data and  keep your files, contacts, calendars and more synchronized amongst your devices. you can download the Client here from this LINK

Nextcloud also supports wide varieties of modules/plugin for example like for full office document viewing and editing integration for your users  you can easily configure it with the help of ONLYOFFICE

Nextcloud runs with the below requirements and CWP made it available for you already:

Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

CentOS Stream


MariaDB 10.2/10.3/10.4/10.5 (recommended)

PostgreSQL 10/11/12/13

SQLite (only recommended for testing and minimal-instances)


Apache 2.4 with  php-fpm (recommended)

nginx with php-fpm

PHP Runtime

7.4, 8.0, 8.1