Magento make your Own eCommerce web application

Magento is an eCommerce website platform owned by Adobe that specializes in eCommerce websites, being an open source software everyone can use it for free and power your own eCommerce website

Magento have the best features out there in eCommerce software like analytics and reporting, product management, catalog management, SEO, order and client management, payment integration and many more tools which can make your internet life easier. Magento is system resources hungry software and you need a good server specification to handle such software.

In CWP magento is available to install via script manager i.e. withing few minutes you can configure magento and publish it live.


CWP also provide performance compatibility software like redis cache and opcache to make your application even more faster. When it is equipped with varnish cache magento will load insanely fast in low system specs.


When it comes to debugging and developing your magento website CWP also provides php xdebug from which you can debug your application much better.