WordPress – CWP support and App Installer

When it comes to host your contents online WordPress is the first choice for the users i.e. its supports blogging, eCommerce and even you can use it as forum cms with the use of its powerful community driven plugins.

WordPress have powerful content and post editor and you can heavily customize it also it supports thousands of plugins and theme you name it and there is surely a plugin available in wordpress store or in github.

With CWP you can easily Install WordPress in few clicks with its free and latest App installer, go to USER PANEL to get started .

Performance :

WordPress is heavily rely on server performance you need a good control panel to support its performance features like in CWP – Control Web-panel all its performance needs are fullfilled for example:

Varnish cache as CWP provide the wordpress template by default to user you just need to activate it from webserver config.

Memcached and Redis this two in memory cache application will significantly improves WordPress queries and save CPU usage for more processing and serve extra few thousands/lakhs of page-views. You can easily enable this 2 plugins from CWP php module. Please keep in mind don’t use 2 cache at the same time as this will conflicts.

APCu and Opcache this 2 can be used as opcode cache to increase the performance of your WordPress site please keep in mind you need to choose one of them. As php opcode cache is enabled by default when you use CWP php-fpm.

Security :

WordPress Is powered with PHP (it supports php 8.1 out of the box) and MySQL (MariaDB), In term of security WordPress itself is very secure platform. If you don’t update WordPress or your framework only supports old version of wordpress version then you might be in risk as old version always have some security holes to cope with it CWP have some security Features like :

File system Lock idle for static websites it will lock all files and make your wordpress more secure by 90% as hackers can’t modify and inject malicious codes in your files and can’t use it to gain access.

Mod-Security is good for real time http attack prevention This works as WAF and prevent worst of the worst attacks.

PHP defender its allows you take control the php function i.e. you decide which function need to be enabled and which need to be disabled.